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Timely maintenance of refrigeration equipment, and ice maker machines, extends the service life several times! Order service of refrigeration equipment from us and be sure of the stable operation of your business!

All models of compressors for Ice Machine repair and replacement are always available! Our specialists have many years of experience in the repair and maintenance of ice machines, the most modern tools, stylish shapes, and responsibility in performing the most difficult tasks!

Repair of ice-making machines in Las Vegas includes a whole range of actions aimed at eliminating malfunctions in the operation of an industrial refrigerating chamber. Most often, call the repairman of refrigeration equipment, there is a situation when the equipment does not provide the required temperature regime, or when the chamber does not fully work.

 If the appliance was operating normally, and with the arrival of summer it ceased to provide the required temperature regime, then cleaning the air condenser of the refrigerating system or regulating the thermo-regulating valve will often help to eliminate the problem. 

With the help of these actions, you can normalize the condensation temperature of freon in the refrigeration circuit and adjust the amount of refrigerant that must be supplied to the air cooler to remove heat. Sometimes interruptions in the operation of the ice machine cause a failure or malfunction of the solenoid valve coil, after replacing which the refrigerating chamber begins to work correctly again.

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These are the main causes of cold production problems. But there are many other kinds of malfunctions. If you are faced with just such symptoms, or probably there is a case, which has not been described in our article, do not try to carry out the repair work yourself, because an unprofessional approach in this area can only bring additional damage and make repairs even more expensive. Contact our workshop, a specialist will promptly leave, carry out diagnostics and find the reason, after which he will carry out repairs.

Our experienced technicians shared some most common causes of ice machine malfunctions. The most frequent case is when the compressor is working and there is light in the chambers, but the temperatures in the refrigerator remain not low enough:

  1. Moisture has entered the unit. Because of this, coking of the oil occurs, and the parts are copper, the gaskets that are in the compressor valves are gradually destroyed, and the compressor goes out of working condition. Moisture ingress occurs through poorly soldered seams or through holes that form due to corrosion. When replacing the refrigerant and any repair operations, it is necessary to replace the filter, this is very important!
  2. Also, the performance indicators of the cold can drop significantly due to the fact that the refrigerant is simply not enough. But also the excessive volume of the substance interferes with normal work. And therefore it is necessary to carefully observe the indicators of the norm when refueling the equipment.
  3. Another reason is dirt is accumulated in the condenser. This element must be cleaned and done at least 2 times a year.