Las Vegas Refrigerator Repair

It is  easy to understand that the refrigerator is not working correctly. If you have noticed a layer of “ice layer” on the back wall of the equipment, uncharacteristic noises appeared during operation, the unit does not freeze, the light does not light up, or any other signs of the malfunctions, it means that your refrigerator needs a repair. The most common reasons for a refrigerator breakdown include:

  • Damage to metal elements by corrosion;
  • freon leakages;
  • failure of the compressor;
  • non-observance of operating rules;
  • violation of the integrity of the sealing rubber;
  • loose door closing;
  • Regular placement of hot dishes in the chamber.

Please, do not try to fix the problem on your own, it is not only dangerous but also may bring more serious malfunctions and even the total breakage of the equipment. Our professional technicians with many years of experience will carry out the repair of your refrigerator. Contact us right now- our skilled and punctual masters will visit you at a convenient time with all the necessary parts and equipment. Las Vegas Refrigerator Repair technicians will perform quick and accurate diagnostics and promptly restore the equipment. You can make an appointment directly on the website or just give us a call. We provide fast, honest, and efficient services at acceptable prices for your  Las Vegas Refrigerator Repair.

Las Vegas Refrigerator Repair
Refrigerator Repair Service

Las Vegas Refrigerator Repair Service

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Here are some useful recommendations from our experienced technicians on keeping food and products in the fridge.

Not everyone knows that the top shelves are one of the warmest places in the refrigerator. It is good to store here: all kinds of leftovers, drinks, and ready-to-eat foods (for example, butter, yogurt, cheese, and delicacies).

Lower shelves – the lowest temperature is set here, so this zone is suitable for storing raw ingredients, that is, meat, fish, etc. (this advice is relevant if there is no special freshness zone in the refrigerator).

The door is the warmest part of the Refrigerator and with an unstable temperature, so the habit of storing dairy products and eggs here should be abandoned. However, sauces and ketchup, jams and pickles, and soft and processed cheeses will feel quite normal on the door shelves.

When food is next to each other, their smells mix, and harmful bacteria can very quickly “move” onto each other. Try to store products in separate containers and packages, or reusable plastic Zip-lock bags.

 To extend the shelf life of the fruit, store it with paper towels or in paper bags, as the paper will absorb condensation.

Many malfunctions that subsequently lead to costly repairs to the refrigerator arise as a result of improper operation of the unit. Here are some simple tips:

  1. If the refrigerator has been turned off for any reason, wait five minutes before turning it back on.
  2. If the refrigerator has been defrosted, do not load it with food before it runs empty for one cycle and turns off.
  3. Do not set the thermostat pointer further than the middle of the scale, this will not give a significant gain in temperature, and the engine will work in a hard mode.
  4. On some refrigerators, a “crying evaporator” is located in the back of the refrigerator compartment (on the back wall). Do not lean food against it and do not forget to clean the water drain underneath.
  5. When defrosting the refrigerator, it is unacceptable to pick off the ice using solid objects, defrost only with warm water.
  6. On some refrigerators there is a “quick freeze” button (usually yellow) this button closes the thermostat contacts and the engine runs without shutting down. Do not forget this button is pressed.
  7. Do not store vegetable oil in the refrigerator, oil is not required, and the rubber of the refrigerator door seal loses its elasticity.
  8. Do not place the refrigerator near heating appliances.

By regularly examining the contents of the refrigerator, you will be able to timely identify the food to be eaten as quickly as possible.

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